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My approach to counselling


As your counsellor my job is to listen, to do my best to understand, to see things from your perspective – and above all to have faith in you; to believe that you know what is best for you and that you can find a way through what is troubling you.


Counselling gives you an opportunity to explore what’s going on underneath the day-to-day busyness that occupies our minds most of the time. What do you really want and need? What’s right for you? How do other people and the rest of the world fit into that?


I’m trained in psychosynthesis – an approach to counselling that aims to integrate what can feel like different parts of ourselves (e.g. our ‘work self’ and our ‘life self’), and which stresses our connections with other people, the wider world and the mystery of life. As a counsellor I work with you to help you find meaning, balance and clarity. I hold theory lightly in the background, and put your life and experience in the foreground – your thoughts, feelings, anxieties, frustrations, hopes and aspirations.

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